Sevenfold Recognition™: Lifting Workplace Morale

Employee engagement is a critical element in supporting a healthy and productive workplace. There are many traditional and emerging methods to keep employees engaged, these are often affected by factors such as industry, experience, and demographics. However, social science tells us that one of the most effective ways of motivating and engaging employees is through a simple practice that supports improved communication, rapport, and job satisfaction – Appreciation.

Often there is a lack of understanding in how people effectively show and receive appreciation. This miscommunication can sometimes lead to feelings of being taken for granted, poor morale, and a lack of job satisfaction.

In this 3 hour workshop, we will discuss the common communication breakdown, the 7 ways of expressing appreciation in the workplace, a self-discovery of each person’s preferred method of recognition, and how to apply this new understanding of appreciation to improve your workplace.

Currently this course is only available in class. We expect it to be added to our online learning portal, Roman 3 Academy in January 2021.

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