Who we are

Our approach, like our name, draws on the process of INSPIRING change, fostering INNOVATION, and managing IMPLEMENTATION.

This is how we got our name, and this is how we create transformative change.

Our Core Values

Roman 3 was formed out of a need to address the many common challenges that face both organizations and individuals in the workplace. Work is a significant portion of our lives, both in the amount of time we spend working and how it defines many aspects of our lives. Despite its importance, millions of people spend their careers in difficult or weak organizational cultures. This common reality puts workers and businesses at a great disadvantage, making many organizations struggle to attract and retain talent and maintain productivity, and profitability. This is the inevitable outcome of not recognizing that their best assets are underutilized, and the impact that workplace culture has on organizational performance and outcomes. 

If you believe there is dignity in work, then there must be dignity at work.

At Roman 3, our ‘why’ is to provide transformative learning and tools that create lasting change in workplaces where people are appreciated, trusted, encouraged, and inspired to be the best version of themselves.

We believe that you can run a profitable business and treat people with dignity and respect.  And most people believe that too, they just need someone to guide their path.  Let the Roman 3 team be your guide!   

Meet our Founders

Roman 3 thrives on successful partnerships and a commitment to collaboration. This is the heart of Roman 3’s mission and core values of our founding partners.

W. Coby Milne


Director of Roman 3 Operations

W. Coby Milne is a Workforce Specialist. Coby is a skilled educator and has an extensive background in workforce and talent development with a master’s degree focused on building workforce and organizational capacity. Coby has spent over a decade creating workforce solutions that level the playing field for many groups; including new residents, minority populations, LGBTQ, and veterans to name a few. Coby is a talented trainer and is recognized as a leading expert in the effects that workplace culture has on workforce development and organizational productivity.

James Schofield


Strategy and Implementation

James Schofield is a Business Strategist and experienced business coach. He has a specialization in human resource management and talent attraction and retention. With over 15 years of direct experience working with diverse populations; helping them with everything from educational supports, community development projects and supporting them in owning and running their own business. James leads Roman 3’s implementation work with businesses on the vital role that human resources and leadership have on the performance and profitability of businesses.