This 21 hour virtual certification course is spread over 3 days of intensive and interactive learning. Participants will receive:

  • WCI Designation and Certificate
  • 4 Risk Assessments to help you assess and analyze your organization’s current culture.
  • 4 White Paper templates to help you articulate the need for change to Senior Leaders.

Identify and Resolve the underlying issues that are impacting your talent attraction and retention.

Our training has been delivered to professionals from organizations, such as...

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What Do People Say About The WCI Certification?

"To anyone dissecting workplace culture - start here! The Roman 3 team were engaging and accessible, and the content is presented in a very practical, out-of-the box format applicable to many different environments. I appreciate their willingness to support participants after the course, and will not hesitate to recommend this to my network."

"This course provided tools (in excess of my expectations) to help me within my role, and my organization, move towards a cultural shift. The material is provided in an organized manner and the presenters' wealth of experience, in addition to the experiences of other attendees, made this course exceptional. I highly recommend this course if you are looking to systematically address culture within your organization, and you are a leader, manager or HR professional."

“This is one of the best programs that I have experienced in a long time. The Roman 3 team take high-level, often emotional concepts (employee engagement), and breaks them down into both understandable and measurable components that are justified with data. It is rare in HR that there are operational tools that create measurements that we can use so directly.”

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Program Description

Do you find yourself…

…dealing with challenging organizational culture?

…wanting to make a difference, but not knowing how?

…struggling to get buy-in for change?

By taking the course — and becoming WCI certified — you will have a clear understanding of how workplace cultures are built, and a series of tools that will assist you in assessing and analyzing your organization’s risk, allowing you to create the business case for change.

In this course, you will…

  • Build on your existing skills and experience to take ownership of your learning.
  • Explore the fundamentals of the Workplace Culture Hierarchy, and how it can be used to create innovative strategies for strengthing relationships and better human connections.
  • Investigate and mitigate your company’s risk at each stage of the Hierarchy.
  • Use tools and strategies that will provide the data you will need to create targeted and meaningful interventions.
  • Increase your business acumen and create a plan for how to put this learning into action in your workplace.
  • Build your profile as a leader capable of getting the best work out of employees.