This 21h virtual certification course is spread over 3 days of intensive and interactive learning. Participants will receive:

  • OCMP Designation and Certificate.
  • Organizational Change Management Practitioner (OCMP) Manual.
  • 3-month follow up from the instructors. 

Learn how to effectively manage both the people and process side of change. 

Our training has been delivered to professionals from organizations, such as...

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What Do People Say About The OCMP Certification?

“I found this course to be very informative and valuable. The Roman 3 team are responsive, professional, and deliver a high-quality educational experience. I would recommend this course to other HR professionals looking to successfully manage organizational change.”

“The course content was excellent and was delivered very well; I have done many virtual seminars, training, etc. over the past couple years and this has been - by far - the best one I have attended.”

“I found this course extremely insightful, and one of the most beneficial courses to have. The topics that were discussed were relevant and very helpful in understanding the theory and applying it to practice. Roman 3 made this course engaging and fun and I would definitely take this course again or refer it to others. ”

Program Description

Do you find yourself…

…dealing with costly and ineffective change management practices?

…wanting change to be easier, better supported, and more effective?

…struggling to overcome resistance to change?

Then the OCMP certification is for you. This 3-day course will give an understanding of how to leverage your existing experience to use communication and a collaborative people-centered approach to managing change. Through instruction, discussion, and reflective activities, you will learn the steps required to manage any organizational change from digital transformation to change in leadership.

By taking the course — and becoming OCMP certified — you will understand how successful change management happens and be given tools and practical steps to be a catalyst for leading positive change that is accepted by those affected.

In this course, you will…

  • Build on your existing skills and experience to take ownership of your learning.
  • Explore the required role delineation between managing process change and people change.
  • Use tools and strategies that support effective implementation and communication to create acceptance and adoption of the new processes.
  • Discover new ways to measure success after the change that will reflect better work habits and higher productivity.
  • Plan how to prepare your workplace for the next big organizational change.
  • Build your profile as a leader capable of managing successful organizational change.