Welcome to Roman 3 Operations’ free online learning tool.

We have created a collection of short (10 question) quizzes to help anyone who is learning online get the most out of their courses.

We call our tool the Strategies for Accessible Learning Tool or SALT, and it is 4 short quizzes that explain the 4 stages of the learning processes.

The practical way of thinking of these stages are:

Stage 1) How you take in new information.

Stage 2) How you process and make sense of the new information.

Stage 3) How you understand the information and turn it into knowledge.

Stage 4) How you apply and use your new knowledge.

To take the SALT self-assessments please see the links below, and feel free to watch this video for an explanation of how SALT works.

How do I use SALT?

Simple. Follow these 5 steps:

  1. Click the Quiz #1 link below 
  2. Take the quiz. There is an option to also watch the introduction video
  3. After completion of Quiz #1, click the link at the bottom of your results and the next quiz will open in a new tab, that way you can go back to your previous results.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the remaining quizzes
  5. Once you have completed all 4 quizzes, be sure to visit the SALT Summary page for a recap video about how SALT can help you learn.

For a complete list of all SALT strategies, please view our All Strategies page to copy and save your tips for later. 

The collection of tips should provide you with valuable insight into how you learn and understand information. It will provide you with practical steps to make your learning experience more relevant and meaningful, even if your online courses are not built to accommodate your preferences.

By following the strategies of how you learn best, you will be able to make your online courses more engaging, effective, and easier to remember. 

Let’s get started:

Quiz 1     Quiz 2 

Quiz 3      Quiz 4