Professional Services For Organizations

Our consultations are relaxed conversations where we seek to learn about your goals, barriers, and expectations. If we can help, we will provide some strategies and resources to help you get to the next level.

Areas Of Focus

Talent Security

The Problem

The world has changed and so have the expectations of employees and the realities of today’s workforce. 2020 forced the world through a massive disruption to the norms of the workplace and shifted the dynamic of the labour market. The old ways of attracting and recruiting are no longer enough.

Having access to talent has never been more difficult or more important.

Businesses everywhere are struggling to fill positions of all kinds, and many are unsure why. Asking questions like; Why do people no longer want to work? Are the skills I need no longer available? The truth is, the talent is there and ready to work, but the opportunities you’re pushing, they’re not buying.

The Roman 3 Solution

  • Extensive and engaging management training.
  • Assessments to understand and improve your current employer brand.
  • Coaching to help new or existing supervisors and managers improve how they recruit.
  • Consulting to support your Human Resources efforts to transform your workplace culture and reputation to attract top talent to your door.

How you are currently perceived in the labour market is the largest factor in your ability to attract and retain the best people. If you treat your labour market brand like you do your consumer market brand, talent will seek you out the same way your customers do.

Inclusive Engagement

The Problem

When it comes to improving employee motivation and engagement, most businesses make the same mistakes. They look to implement organizational-wide activities and use data collection surveys to measure their impact. This approach is shallow at best, and can be seen as insulting at worst.

It makes staff feel like a number, just a cog in the machine.

These approaches are not effective, but they are easy. They prioritize the convenience of the company and completely ignore the needs of the employee. It is easy to forget that employees are all individuals who have unique expectations and are motivated by different things. This is the mistake you’re making.

The Roman 3 Solution

  • Extensive and engaging management training.
  • Assessments to understand the needs and preferences of your team that will inspire engagement.
  • Coaching to help new or existing supervisors and managers lead teams more effectively.
  • Consulting to support your Human Resources efforts to transform your remote culture into one that will motivate and encourage employees to provide their best work. 

For most businesses, small incremental change yields significant results when it comes to creating a more inclusive and engaging workplace. When the commitment is made and communicated to staff, you will begin to see success. We can help you define the small wins that lead to big results. 

Organizational Culture Evaluations and Navigation (OCEAN)

The Problem

Organizational Culture is too often undervalued because many organizations and leaders believe it to be intangible and unmeasurable. This leaves organizations open to risks, expensive labour issues, and damages their employer brand both in the consumer and labour markets.  

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” – W. E. Demming

You will never have the profitability, growth, and organizational performance your company is capable of if you are not measuring:

  • How your work environment is creating job dissatisfaction
  • How your managers are creating or limiting psychological safety
  • Whether your Diversity and Inclusion programs are creating belonging
  • Whether your employee engagement efforts are increasing employee motivation and enthusiasm

The Roman 3 Solution

  • Extensive and engaging management training.
  • Assessments to understand their specific labour challenges and the associated costs.
  • Coaching to help new or existing supervisors and managers create higher-performing teams.
  • Consulting to support your Human Resources efforts to transform your workplace and increase your Performance, Efficiency, and Productivity (PEP).

For many businesses, investments in to employee engagement surveys, diversity training, and recognition programs will be a waste of time if you have not ensured you have the right environment for those investments to pay off. Stop throwing good money after bad and evaluate your organizational culture.

People and Culture Investigations and Consulting

The Problem

Many organizations require help to improve their People and Culture strategy and practice but feel there is a lack of clear processes and measurables to make the investment worthwhile. This puts owners and leaders into a tough spot, they want to grow and scale, but often don’t have the tangible People and Culture infrastructure to match their growth goals. Only having basic HR supports will lead to only having basic operations.

Scaling externally requires the ability to scale internally.

This is where the benefits of People and Culture Investigations and Consulting can solve your problem. Leverage the expertise and experience of having a People and Culture Executive at the table to help you investigate and scale your internal growth with strategic intent and confidence. Without the cost of a full-time CHRO.

The Roman 3 Solution

  • Experienced People and Culture experts.
  • The tools and strategic approach to amplify your existing HR functions and optimize your practices for the long term.
  • Remove the stress and mystery of people management with data and metrics, so you can get back to focusing on growing your business.
  • Building your capacity and management capabilities to sustainability maintain your ability to scale and grow, moving from being reactive to being strategic. 

For most businesses, external support with your Human Resources and People and Culture functions can be a game changer to resolving the pain points that come with growth, talent acquisition, and employee performance. This all starts with having an objective inspection, like a report card, of your current situation. From there, all advice, support, and services are customized to your unique situation. No “boxed” or “off the shelf” solutions.