Roman 3 Operations has designed four virtual workshops to support businesses dealing with human resource and performance challenges as a result of the COVID pandemic.

All courses are designed to be offered over video and audio conferencing software (Zoom) and are designed as a collective of 90 min virtual sessions that can be delivered on a daily or weekly basis. Here is a listing our courses.

How to Ignite Your Employee Productivity During COVID

With the effects of the global crisis of COVID; employee engagement and productivity are at their lowest levels in a century. Low engagement results in lower business productivity and profits, higher turnover and increases workplace safety problems.

The lack of employee engagement that affects productivity can look like:

  • Poor initiative – Are your employees lacking effort in their regular tasks? Do you find it difficult to get staff to take the initiative to move from one task to the next without constant supervision?
  • Attendance problems – Do you have problems with people showing up late or not at all? Does your staff spend more time playing on their phones than working on your business?
  • Low employee morale – Do your employees work well as a team? Is your staff motivated? Do they feel like their work is valued?
  • Not taking responsibility – Is everything the fault of someone else? Do they spend time pointing blame at others rather than taking responsibility for their own actions?

This course will teach you practical and cost-effective intervention methods and strategies that will improve productivity, lead to greater profitability while reducing turnover and lowing workplace safety problems.

This course is delivered over six 90 minute sessions.


Creating High Performing Employees through COVID and Beyond

As an employer, poor employee performance and motivation cost you money. Employees have always had personal stressors and challenges (‘baggage’) that impact their work and motivation; however, these are only intensified with the global COVID pandemic.

Factors that hurt employee performance:

  • Dealing with ‘Employee Baggage’ – Are your staff so preoccupied with what’s happening outside the workplace that it is impacting their job performance?
  • Reluctance to change – Are technical or traditional challenges limiting the ability to make changes?
  • Poor Mental Health – Is the added stress from COVID and its effects impacting employee performance?

Creating high performing employees will improve business productivity and profits. This course will teach you to identify and resolve performance and motivational challenges specific to your workplace.

This course is delivered over five 90 minute sessions.


Eliminating Complacency during COVID

One of the most damaging and pervasive problems in the workplace is happening right under our nose, every day. The problem is complacency. It kills productivity and innovation while also reducing safety practices and procedures in the workplace.

How complacency infects the workplace:

  • Complacency and Workplace Culture – Do employees “go through the motions” of their job? Have they lost the ambition or hunger for the work?
  • Complacency and Safety – Are staff getting too comfortable with monitoring safety procedures? Are safety protocols and checks being rubber-stamped? Are your employees complaining or getting lazy with safety guidelines?
  • Complacency and COVID – With so many new safety requirements, how do you keep your staff and customers safe without becoming complacent in your COVID procedures?

Complacency often starts with workplace culture. Limiting growth and innovation, it can spread into other areas of the workplace, like in safety practices and COVID public health policies. This course will teach you practical steps on how to identify and combat complacency in the workplace.

This course is delivered over five 90 minute sessions.


Accelerating your bottom line during COVID

Employees are one of the largest expenses for many businesses. For a business to succeed each employee needs to come with a return on that investment.

An unmotivated and disinterested employee costs an organization $3,400 for every $10,000 in annual salary.

Largest problem areas for most businesses:

  • Attendance Management – What can you do about employees who show up late or not at all? Do you have trouble filling shifts because staff want more time off?
  • Performance Management – Are your employees underperforming? Do they struggle to keep personal and professional lives separate? Are they disinterested in the work or are they unmotivated to do their best?
  • Recruitment and Selection – Do you struggle to find qualified and motivated people to fill job vacancies? How do you find and select the best candidate for the position?

Companies with strong HR and Employee Engagement outperform those with low HR and Employee Engagement by over 200%. This course will teach the reality of how HR challenges affect business productivity and how you can make small, practical changes that will have a major impact on your productivity and profitability.

This course is delivered over five 90 minute sessions.