A Catalyst for Increasing Team Performance

In the workplace, teams divide up the tasks to reduce the workload on any one member. How that work is divided can vary from business to business. Sometimes it based on experience, sometimes on rank, other times by position. But is this the best way? What if we not only changed how we assigned our work, but what if we changed how we think about our teams, moving away from experience and rank, and move toward natural skills. This is the concept of Strength-Based Approach to teams.

In a strength-based approach the fundamental principle is to create a well-rounded team instead of a team of well-rounded individuals. Instead of expecting each team member to be strong at everything and focus their professional development on overcoming weaknesses, why not allow them to continually build on their strengths?

In this 3 hour workshop, we will discuss 6 unique roles in a strength-based team, how people’s natural preference can identify their role that will play to their natural strengths. We will assess your workplace behavioral preferences (Your SPECtrum Code), provide you a profile of what your SPECtrum Code’s role in a strength-based team is, and create an understanding of how you can re-imagine staffing a team.

Currently this course is only available in class. We expect it to be added to our online learning portal, Roman 3 Academy in January 2021.

If you would like to learn more about SPECtrum, please contact us at info@roman3.ca 

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