If employees do not feel adequately recognized, they are twice as likely to say they’ll quit in the next year. No one wants to feel like they are not being valued, now more than ever people are willing to leave jobs to find somewhere or someone else who will appreciate them.

The reality is, even when managers do try to recognize and appreciate staff, their efforts fall short. This is because they make some far to common mistakes.

These mistakes are outlined in this short video from our course called; Accelerating Motivation and Productivity:

The reality is, there are not only 3 ways to recognize people, in fact there are seven ways, that we at Roman 3 call the 7 Methods of Recognition:

Encouraging Feedback

Meaningful Efforts

Undivided Attention

Personal Connections

Professional Independence

Skill Mastery

Concrete Symbols

For more information on the 7 Methods of Recognition and to how to address employee engagement through recognition, please take our online, on-demand course:
Accelerating Motivation and Productivity: Employee Engagement Fundamentals