Presenteeism: Here in Body, Not in Mind

Presented in partnership with CPHR NB October 19, 2021

Presented in partnership with CPHR NL October 27, 2021

Presenteeism is when an employee comes into work without being mentally, emotionally, or physically ready and able to perform their duties. This can be due to burnout, personal challenges, physical injury, or any other factor that impacts their mental or physical health. Presenteeism is often unknown or misunderstood in most workplaces, but it has devastating effects on employee performance and productivity.

Over a year into a global pandemic has taken a toll on our mental, emotional, and physical health. This has significant impacts on the workplace including creating new challenges with supporting and engaging remote workers.

In this 60 minute webinar, we will identify some of the warning signs of presenteeism, address the cost and impact of presenteeism and speak to the damaging workplace culture that enables it. Remember, you are always promoting a workplace culture, make sure you are intentionally promoting the right one.

One of the main causes of presenteeism and burnout is when a workplace is inhabited with the factors that cause job dissatisfaction. To learn more about these factors, here is a short (6 minute) video on the common missteps with employee engagement.

Presenteeism also has a major financial impact on a company. The effects of lower productivity, increased sick time, and poor morale can really impact an organization’s bottom line. To learn more, here is a short article on Labour Value Loss and the toll it can take on a company‚Äôs long-term sustainability.

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