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People Intelligence & Culture Transformation (PICT)

In 2023 workplaces are now facing more people and culture issues than ever before. Dealing with employee turnover, low morale, and difficulty in attracting talent are putting many organizations at risk.

Businesses want to address these issues head on but are unsure where to start. These are culture challenges and can be difficult to understand, measure, and resolve. Leaders who are committed to improving culture understand the vital importance of these culture issues. In fact, leaders who prioritize workplace culture saw 2X the annual growth, of their peers over a three year period. (Heidrick & Struggles, 2021).

This is why we need to make people and culture challenges more practical to understand, measure, and resolve; this is where R3 People’s People Intelligence Culture Transformation (PICT) program will help.

What is PICT?

The PICT program uses Roman 3’s Workplace Culture Hierarchy theory and is designed to build a robust and productive workplace. Ensuring a strong and sustainable foundation is present in order to start an organization’s measurable and proven ascent toward success.

Using project management data tracking software, PICT will allow an organization to:

  • Assess their workplace culture at each stage of the Hierarchy.
  • Identify incremental changes that will lead to cultural transformations.
  • Measure, track, and report on the effectiveness and impact workplace culture initiatives are having on your workplace. 


One of the biggest challenges with finding, keeping, and motivating employees is dissatisfaction. Job or employee dissatisfaction happens when the factors of our workplace do not match the expectation of our workforce.

To investigate the factors of our workplace and create measurable steps to address them, Roman 3 has partnered with GamePlan Success Advisors to test a Ninety.io integrated process that allows businesses to address dissatisfaction, resulting in increased employee retention, attraction, and drive. Ninety.io is a cloud-based platform used by over 60,000 subscribers. Ninety allows for documentation and measurement and it helps teams build great companies using the EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) process.

To participate in this closed beta test and receive the benefits of Early Access, a business must:

  1. A current subscription to Ninety.io and running EOS.
    A dedicated employee to lead the dissatisfaction audit and actions.
  2. Have support from their senior leadership to gather the required intelligence and implement the recommended transformations in the 3 months required for the Beta Test.
  3. Be an organization with a minimum of 25 employees.

Download our Closed BETA Information Document for more information, or fill out an Expression of Interest.

We discussed the need for new approaches and strategies when approaching People and Culture in a recent podcast episode available below.  Learn how PICT can help you gain more traction in your business.