If employees are not properly prepared and utilized, then at best, you risk a poor fit and underperformance, and at worst, losing a good employee and their talent. No one likes feeling that their talents are going to waste, and when we do not invest in mastery we lose our employee’s full performance and potential.

Even when managers do try to train and utilize people’s skills, they often overlook at the important components to mastery.

The problems that arise from this oversight are outlined in this short video from our course called; Accelerating Motivation and Productivity:

A framework is needed to make sure that you value, use, and develop your team’s skills. There is a useful framework, that we at Roman 3 call the 6 Roles of Mastery:







For more information on the 6 Roles of Mastery and to how to address employee engagement through mastery, please take our online, on-demand course:
Accelerating Motivation and Productivity: Employee Engagement Fundamentals