If employees do not feel they have flexibility or freedom in their work, they will not be able to give you their best. But, flexibility and freedom are not just about being able to work from home or have more vacation. It is about being trusted and supported to be as productive as possible.

Even when managers do make the effort to provide more flexibility and freedom, without trust, autonomy is not possible.

The reality of this is outlined in this short video from our course called; Accelerating Motivation and Productivity:

The truth is, freedom comes in 6 forms that we at Roman 3 call the 6 Freedoms of Autonomy:

Freedom Of Judgment

Freedom of Setting

Freedom of Resources

Freedom to Explore

Freedom to Fail

Freedom to Speak Up

For more information on the 6 Freedoms of Autonomy and to how to address employee engagement through autonomy, please take our online, on-demand course:
Accelerating Motivation and Productivity: Employee Engagement Fundamentals